Mentoring S.A. as a partner of Strategic Partnership in the field of youth, participated in the design and submission of the project proposal titled «Training for young entrepreneurs and workers on promoting accessibility in the Tourism Sector» with distinctive title «TA4All», under the 3rd cycle of submissions to the program “Erasmus +”.

The proposed project aims at supporting and enhancing the qualifications and skills of young entrepreneurs and professionals who active in a wide spectrum of tourism sector, through the development of training materials and the design of training actions. The aim of the project is to improve the accessibility and safety of tourism services and upgrade the travel experience for people with some kind of disability.

The members of the strategic partnership are:

  • European Dynamics SA, based in Luxembourg and which is the lead partner.
  • Sistema Camerale Servizi S.R.L., based in Italy
  • European Network for Accessible Tourism based in Belgium
  • Enter vzw based in Belgium
  • Amphitrite Social Enterprised, based in Greece

The proposed project lasts 24 months and in case of approval, is expected to benefit nearly 500 young entrepreneurs and professionals working in the field of tourism, from Greece, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg.