Mentoring S.A supports the Social Enterprises.

Mentoring S.A., as a partner of the Development Partnership “PROSVASIS”, participate in business planning, establishing, organizing and functioning of the Social Enterprises “Amphitrite” and “Artemis”. The company supports the activities of two social enterprises, providing know-how, mentoring, networking, developing business plans, and advisory business consulting services.

The Results of GMCCI index for the second quarter 2014.

The second survey, which reflects the expectations that had been formed during the second quarter of the year, shows that there is cautious optimism about the Greek economy. It should also be noted that the survey recorded a significant change in business expectations for the better.

Mentoring supports the Institution of The “Social Business Excellence Awards”

The institution of Social Business Excellence Awards 2014 was presented on May 29 at the event hosted by the National Research Foundation. The “Social Business Excellence Awards” are part of the 2nd Conference “Doing business the other way” which will take place in November.