Public Sector Services

Consulting Services for the Utilization of E.U. Funds

MENTORING S.A. offers complete management advisory services to Public Sector organizations and agents, who are asked to design and implement programs financed by EU Structural Funds.

The scope of company services include:

  • Identifying suitable financing sources which serve the development needs of the Agent
  • Drafting Technical Bulletins for the financing of Projects for Sectoral and Regional Programs under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2014-2020
  • Offering Technical Advisory Services for the supervision and management of Natural and Financial objectives of projects
  • Designing, implementing, and supervising Project Timelines
  • Developing Project Scopes, Progress Bulletins, and Expense Reports
  • Publishing reports concerning the Completion of all Integrated Operations of projects
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Development of Quality Management Systems

MENTORING S.A. utilizes its experience as a Management Advisor in the framework of national and European programs in order to provide services for the development and implementation of demanding Quality Management Systems, the provision of services concerning the implementation of the Common Evaluation Framework (CEF), the engineering and reengineering processes (BPR), as well as the development of human resources in Public Administration (training, acquisition of additional skills, know-how transfer, etc).

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Elaboration of Specialized Studies

MENTORING S.A. has considerable experience, know-how, and methodologies for the preparation of specialized studies and research. With high standards and as a constant liaison with Greek and International Organizations, the company ensures the accuracy and thoroughness of these studies.

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Drawing up of Development Schemes & Business Programs

MENTORING S.A. undertakes the drawing up and elaboration of Development Schemes and Business Programs for Administrative agents and agents from the Public Sector in general. These studies are elaborated by interdisciplinary scientific groups formed by the company, depending on the individual needs and requirements of each project.

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