Private Sector Services

Business Financing

MENTORING S.A. is elaborating a series of alternative combinations for the financing of new or existing businesses.

Having MENTORING S.A. as a collaborator, the business:

  • Selects the optimal financing tools, depending on its needs and requirements
  • Expedites the realization of its investment schemes
  • Acquires access to new financing mechanisms
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Advisory Services

MENTORING S.A. offers to new or existing businesses a range of services aiming towards their viable development (organization and administration, implementation of quality systems, management and development of human resources, etc.). It also offers combined service packages for the development of promotion and sales networks, the support of new collaborations and the expansion of business activities.

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Elaboration of studies and researches

MENTORING S.A. is very experienced in the elaboration of technical and financial feasibility studies, which support the successful design and realization of Investment Schemes.

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