MENTORING S.A. undertook the preparation of the Operational Plan of the Municipality of Mykonos for the period 2011-2014. The Operational Plan will be a significant tool for the Municipality, as it occurs at a critical time when Local Authorities are transforming because of the “Kallikrates” Law and it also coincides with the last years of implementation of the NSRF.

The elaboration of the Operational Plan develops in three successive stages, covering:

1. The analysis and evaluation of current situation

2. The establishment of the strategy of the municipality and the determination of development priorities

3. The detailed operational planning and action plan for the next four years

The Operational Plan covers all the functional areas covered by the Municipality, such as urban infrastructure, natural environment, culture, tourism, social infrastructure, digital convergence, innovation, entrepreneurship, education, training, social integration, etc.

Also it sets the framework for the organizational and functional reconstruction of the Municipality, under the requirements and opportunities associated with the implementation of the “Kallikrates” Law.