The work in question titled “Development and application of Quality Assurance System according to the Model ELOT en ISO 9001:2000 in processes of part-financed work management for the prefectures of MESSENIA, ARCADIA, KORINTHIA, LACONIA with parallel cover of administrative sufficiency criteria of the IV programmatic period Final Beneficiaries and use of the Prefectural Self-governments Quality Assurance System model” aims to offer Complete Advisory Services for the organisational and functional structure adaptation for MESSINIA, ARCADIA, KORINTHIA AND LACONIA following the criteria of administrative sufficiency established by the State.

The systems that will be developed by companies MENTORING S.A and EUROTECH S.A. will be based at the Prefectural Self-governments Quality Management System model with simultaneous cover of equirements that the State has established for the Part-financed Project management of the IV Programmatic Period.