MENTORING S.A recognizes the strategic value of a comprehensive study marketing or market research as valuable instruments to the successful promotion of products and services.

MENTORING S.A has undertook, on behalf of a large company IT, study the development of advanced mobile phone services. The company has performed extensive research of Greek and international market of “mobile services”, an analysis of competition, were depicted the figures, trends and prospects in the Greek and international market, etc.

The VIRTUAL TRIP group of companies has entrusted MENTORING SA for developing marketing strategy study. Specifically, was analyzed the market interests and analyzing its level of competitiveness against competitors. As a result, long-term objectives were defined, a commercial policy plan was drafted, and the realization of policies and objectives were put into action.

The company PROJECT ON LINE, member of the Group of PIRAEUS BANK, has commissioned to MENTORING SA a marketing study and in particular the research and analysis of European and Balkan markets in order to export their services to them.