MENTORING S.A. offers integrated services covering the entire life cycle of a subsidized program, selects the program, that fits the needs of each company, draws up the business plan, and – most importantly -, monitor the implementation of the project until its successful completion.

Manufacturing Sector

Most companies operating in the manufacturing sector had the last few years several grant opportunities to implement their investment plans. The MENTORING AE, utilizing programs of CSF III 2000-2006 and the NSRF 2007-2014 reinforced many companies to renew their production equipment, modernize their facilities and receive value-added consulting services. Among the companies were NET U, KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS SA, GLOBAL SOFT SA, METIS NET, CONCEPTUM SA, TECNICA SA, ARCHIMEDIA SA etc.

In technological modernization programs, which were common to the manufactoring industry, MENTORING S.A have supported companies such as ORION GROUP, LEGAL LIBRARY, PROFILE SA, CELESTINO SA MEDISPES SA, which took advantage of funding in order to upgrade their IT infrastructures.


Tourism Sector

MENTORING S.A. has supported the modernization of dozens of businesses in the tourist sector programmes of CSF III 2000-2006 and the NSRF 2007-2014. Among the tourist businesses aided for modernizing facilities, upgrading equipment and technological infrastructures, participating in promotional activities and exhibitions were: GRECOTEL ELOUNDA VILLAGE, PORTO RETHYMNO, CARALIS BEACH HOTEL, Hydra’s historical hotel ORLOF, GALAXIAS in Rhodes, the hotel business “VARDI – PENTELIKON”, MARIMA SA – ATHINAIS, the hotels MINOS PALACE and ARINA SAND, GNOMON PERFORMANCE SA, OM HELLAS, the restaurant “TO BERDEMA” etc.

Commercial and Service Sector

MENTORING S.A. is very experienced in collaborating with businesses of the tertiary sector for the financing of their investment plans. Programmes of CSF III 2000-2006 and the NSRF 2007-2014 have financed commercial businesses and service provision companies in order for them to space their facilities, to be supplied with office equipment, to be modernized and to promote their activities. Among the companies which have successfully completed their investment schemes, in collaboration with MENTORING S.A. are: the network ELECTRONET stores, the chain electronics stores ELECTRIC CYCLE, tuition companies SO EASY and IDEOTECHNIKI MICRODATA ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, GOLDEN TIMES, MARIVA, COMPUTERISE, E.VARELAS SA, CALIN SA, SPORTSCAR SA, AVALON SA, KORIANDROS SA, GALANIS SPORTS DATA SA, THE NEW YORK COLLEGE, companies from the MAMIDAKI group etc.


Companies under Establishment

CSF programs of CSF III 2000-2006 and the NSRF 2007-2014 for aiding young adults and women with businesses have greatly promoted the first steps in starting a business. These programs financed the creation of building facilities and office spaces, the supply of equipment, as well as the advertisement and the promotion of the services offered by the companies under establishment. Among the companies which have taken advantage of these programs have been the HOUSE OF BEAUTY, and the publishing company ART POWER , etc.