Mentoring undertook the project “Technical Assistance of the Municipality of Lefkada”, that relates to the provision of specialized Technical Consultancy Services, to develop actions to strengthen the administrative and organizational effectiveness of the Municipality. The aim is to accelerate the ripening process and the implementation process of financed projects with high added value for Citizens.

The project provides the following services:

  • Feasibility / cost – benefit and maturation requirements analysis studies, with the objective of documenting the added value that will result from the implementation of the projects for the local community and the implementation of the necessary actions for their early maturing.
  • Specialized Quality Assurance, Risk and Changes Management and Identification Plans, to identify potential risks and develop a detailed plan of managing changes, to ensure the uninterrupted implementation of the projects.
  • Financial Analysis of revenue generating projects.

The provided services will be for a total of 13 projects, covering a wide range of activities that will impart developmental character in the region and contribute to improving the quality of citizens’ life.