In the last two years, ELTA Courier SA* is in the process of modernization and development, in order to respond to market challenges. For the second consecutive year, the company has chosen Mentoring S.A. as a strategic partner, to support the operational planning of the three years 2011-2013.

The objective of the project was the company’s Strategic Business Plan update, aiming at defining the company’s strategic priorities for the next three years and planning the actions that will enable the company to maintain a dominant position in the Greek market.

The Strategic Business Plan analyses 4 areas, covering critical parameters of corporate structure and activity:

  1. Organization and Operation

  1. Trade Policy

  1. Human Resources

  1. Physical & Technological Infrastructure

The update was developed in three stages:

  1. Description of the development in the company’s internal and external environment and evaluation of the current situation

  1. Evaluation and redefinition of actions that support the business goals (action plan)

  1. Financial Plan update for the four years 2012-2015

The project was successfully implemented by Mentoring’s Consulting Team, in cooperation with the Management and executives of ELTA Courier S.A.

* ELTA Courier S.A. is a subsidiary company of the Hellenic Post S.A. and offers courier services. It was founded in 2001 and it has 26 branches, 52 agencies and 3 sorting centers, while it employs 739 persons. It stands in the 4rth position in the market, maintaining its dynamic and profitable development and achieving its strategic goals. The company returned to profitability in the year 2010, following the Strategic Business Plan of restructuring that the company developed in collaboration with MENTORING S.A. in October of 2010.