Mentoring S.A. undertook the provision of targeted consulting services for adapting the Municipality of Mykonos to the requirements of the new reality that the Law 3852/2010 (Kallikrates Program) imposes to Local Authorities. Since January 1st, 2011 Kallikrates Program creates a new reality for Municipalities.

Both new elected bodies and officials will have to deal with two major challenges in very short time:

  • adapt to the new requirements, regarding the organization and the procedures imposed be Kallikrates Program
  • meet the additional responsibilities undertaken since 2/1/2011, for the proper service of citizens and enterprises.

In the first six months of the implementation of the new Local Government reality, Mentoring S.A. supported the Municipality of Mykonos in the:

  • Implementation and monitoring of a 6-monthly executive time plan of actions and procedures, for adapting the Municipality to the requirements and deadlines of Kallikrates and Diavgeia Program.
  • Support and implementation of a plan for transferring the new responsibilities to the Municipality and distributing them to existing official units.
  • Support the Municipality in the design and implementation of a procedure for merging its Legal Entities.
  • Support the Financial and Executive Committee to implement actions required by Law 3852/2010, such as:
    • Voting Balance for the year 2011
    • Implementing the Technical Program of the Municipality
  • Support the drafting of Regulations and Committees required by Law 3852/2010, such as:
    • Tourist Development Committee
    • Aesthetics and Environment Committee