Municipalities joined by Kallikrates Program are obliged to submit a new application to confirm their administrative sufficiency until 31.10.2011. This obligation also offers a significant opportunity for Municipalities to strengthen their ability to claim successfully and effectively manage projects financed by the NSRF.

The administrative sufficiency confirmation covers two essential needs:

  • the creation of procedures incorporating all significant changes in the institutional/regulatory framework for the operation of Municipalities,
  • the successful adaptation of human resources to the new demands for the immediate and effective use of funds under the NSRF.

The new procedures to be incorporated in the Administrative Sufficiency System relate to:

  • the significant changes in the institutional/regulatory framework of the NSRF,
  • the additional responsibilities of Municipalities expanded by Kallikrates,
  • the changes in the wider institutional framework for Public Procurement.

MENTORING’s experience and expertise in the development of Administrative Sufficiency Systems was the main reason that the Municipalities of Ilida, Lefkada and Xylokastro – Evrostini “trusted” the update of their Administrative Sufficiency Systems and their personnel’s training, for an efficient and effective transition to the new reality.