Mentoring S.A., as a partner of the Development Partnership “PROSVASIS”, participate in business planning, establishing, organizing and functioning of the Social Enterprises “Amphitrite” and “Artemis”. The company supports the activities of two social enterprises, providing know-how, mentoring, networking, developing business plans, and advisory business consulting services.

“Amphitrite Social Enterprise” was incorporated in September 2013 and its objective is to support social inclusion through employment of persons belonging to vulnerable groups. The Company has been registered in the Social Economy General Register of the Greek Ministry of Labour (Registration Nr. A00238)

The fields of activity of “Amphitrite Social Enterprise” include:

  • Development of “”, the first multi-lingual web application in Greece for the promotion of domestic accessible infrastructure and services to foreign tourists
  • Accessibility training and consulting services, utilizing the expertise of specialists, international good practices from abroad and the experience of its members.

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Artemis is a Social Enterprise of Integration, with the objective of creating jobs for individuals with disabilities, especially graduators of the rehabilitation programs of Hellenic Society for Disabled Children (ELEPAP) which is a non-profit organization. For these individuals the employment functions as a manner of creation and socialization. By this way they can offer to society and they can gain their independence.

The fields of activity of “Artemis Social Enterprise” include:

  • The construction and trading of handmade decorative items, jewelry, seasonal products and business gifts made ​​of materials which is friendly to the environment.
  • The construction and trading of marriage and baptism items (such as invitations) in collaboration with the Hellenic Society for Disabled Children (ELEPAP).