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Mentoring S.A. designed and installs two innovative, digital tools to the potential beneficiaries of the Program Period 2014-2020 (local government unit of A’ and B’ degree, public entities, private entities).

Informative management and monitoring system for co-financed projects (Asana)

The management of a co-funded project is often a complicated procedure, with clearly defined steps and actions that need to completed at predefined stages and produce specified deliverables to the Managing Authority. The systematic monitoring of implementation of a co-financed project and the detailed recording of individual actions is undoubtedly a basic precondition for the smooth and timely implementation of the project.

In this context, Mentoring S.A. initializes and deliver to the Body the information system “ASANA”, which is an online project management tool which enables to work together in teams. Access to the system is very easy and requires only a computer with Internet connection.

“Asana” is a flexible, highly user-friendly information system which allows:

    • The monitoring and managing of multiple projects
    • The development of many and varied fields of work
    • Assigning tasks to specific members of the Working Group
    • The scheduling and correlation of individual work
    • The automated briefing via e-mail to the person responsible for performing a specific task, one week before the deadline
    • The briefing of  the project calendar
    • The design of project templates that can be re-used from the users
    • The continuous updating with all new data of each project
    • The ability to synchronize it with other digital calendars
    • High security of privacy and confidentiality of information


Digital Library of the institutional and Regulatory Framework of the NSRF 2014-2020

The digital library of NSRF 2014-2020, aims to bring together all the institutional and regulatory framework of the NSRF 2014-2020 in order to be available and accessible to any interested party.

It is organized into five (5) different modules that cover the entire spectrum of existing legislation on co-financed projects so the user can easily find the desired file / document.

    • The main advantages of the digital library are:
    • The user has direct access to a large tank of documents (Laws, regulations, etc.)
    • The user can easily search a document due to the grouping of the institutional and regulatory framework in individual categories
    • The users can preview or download files
    • the application can be easily installed on more than one computer


Psifiaki Bibliothiki