MENTORING S.A. has undertaken the project management of the European co-funded project ‘INNOVATIVE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT NETWORK ISEDE NET/ SOUTH EAST EUROPE’.

EOMMEX (Hellenic Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises and Handicraft) participates as a partner in the project titled ‘INNOVATIVE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT NETWORK ISEDE NET/ SOUTH EAST EUROPE’, which has been approved under SOUTH EAST EUROPE program.

MENTORING has undertaken the project management on behalf of EOMMEX, aiming at successfully fulfilling organization’ s competences within the scope of the project.

The services provided by MENTORING will ensure high quality standards, with regard to the required actions and proper implementation of the project, relatively to the effectiveness and efficiency of technical, administrative and economic activities in strengthening of partnership, management procedures, information flows and documentation, as well as relations with the Coordinator (Lead Partner), agencies and the Technical Secretariat of SOUTH EAST EUROPE program.

Services provided by MENTORING include:

  • Proper and effective project management, for the successful implementation of project’s Work Packages and relative actions
  • Technical support, for the successful outcome of all project activities
  • Financial management and monitoring of the project, as well as production of all necessary progress reports
  • Procedures’ and timetable monitoring, support for the preparation of deliverables, in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of the approved program
  • Monitoring and project management through the official Information Management System of SOUTH EAST EUROPE program
  • Support for the organization of transnational meetings and events
  • Technical-administrative and organizational support of the project
  • Planning all necessary actions for the successful implementation of all activities of the project where EOMMEX is involved.
  • Represent the organization in all relative project management activities (Steering Committee meetings, progress report meetings, etc.) and dissemination events