Mentoring S.A. undertook the Sub-project “Establishing an integrated strategy for fighting corruption through international and national experience” in the framework of the Project “Conducting Integrated National Research on Corruption”, which is included in the Operational Program “Administrative Reform”, for Transparency International Hellas.

The objective of the project is the provision of a number of services:

  • for the organization, coordination and implementation of networking actions among the Contracting Authority, the Contractor and Third Parties (National Annexes of Transparency International, Non-profit Organizations, Corporations, Government Agencies, etc.), as well as joint development of a uniform policy.
  • for capturing best practices, emphasizing in International Indicators and Goals, that will serve as guiding elements of subsequent National Researches.

The research for capturing best practices will focus on those thematic areas that will be evaluated by qualitative and quantitative criteria, are characterized by high levels of corruption and opacity and require a targeted framework of actions, aiming at reducing corruption and mitigating its impact on citizens.

In the framework of the project, Mentoring, together with Transparency International Hellas, participated in the “Annual European and Central Asia Conference”, that was held in Sibiu, Romania, at the period 01-03/06/2011.

The results of the implementation of the first sub-project will be one of the main inputs for design and implementation of the second sub-project, which extends over a horizon of three years and relates to the conduction of three annual surveys, aiming at capturing and quantifying corruption in Greece.