Open and Imminent Funding Programs

Great funding opportunities are provided for new and existing businesses/enterprises via programs within the frame of the NSRF 2007-2013, the majority of which are in the final stages (e.g. Modernιsing Enterprises, Supporting 2009 etc.). Through these programs, very small, small and medium enterprises of varied activities will profit, with subsidies reaching up to 60%.

The encouraging of entrepreneurship, the reinforcement of innovation, research and technology, energy saving actions and the reinforcement of competitiveness constitute some of the purposes of the new programs. Potential beneficiaries can select among funding, depending on the type of investments they plan.


• Promoting Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship: Submission of investment projects from existing and new enterprises in the framework of the following programms: “Creation and Support of new, innovative and knowledge-intensive companies (spin – off, spin-out)”, “Innovation Vouchers”, ” Enhancement of new and small & medium sized enterprises in research projects”

• Improvement of infrastructures, to fulfill European quality and safety standards: Submission of investment proposals from existing enterprises for the funding program “Modernizing Enterprises 2009”.

• Aid of competitiveness: Submission of investment plans from existing very small manufacturing enterprises for the funding program “Supporting 2009”.

• Exploitation of ICT for technology improvement: Submission of investment proposals from hotel and tourist lodgings for the funding program “Digi-Lodge”.

• Energy saving, development of ecological products: Submission of investment proposals from very small, small and medium enterprises for the funding program “Eco-Enterprise” and “Eco-Infrastructures”.

• The encouraging of entrepreneurship, supporting of countryside enterprises: Submission of investment plans for the funding program “Change Region 2009” and “Relocation 2009”.

• Incorporation of innovative ideas in the production/supply of products: Submission of investment plans for the funding program “Prototype 2009” and “Evolving 2009” from very small, small and intermediate enterprises, respectively.

Grant Opportunities for SMEs from the NSRF

Manuals for the programs “Strengthening Youth Entrepreneurship” and “Female Entrepreneurship” have been authorized and the call for proposal submission is in effect for those wishing to participate in the programs.

The new application period begins on the 15th of June and is in effect until the 15th of September 2009. The programs subsidize the creation of new enterprises by young people (regardless of gender) between the ages 18 and 39, and women between the ages of 18 and 55.

Eligible beneficiaries with a maximum investment plan of €200.000 may receive 50% aid which can cover the purchasing of equipment, property development and promotional efforts, etc.


18.12.09 submission deadline for largest NSRF program

With a subsidy rate reaching 65% and a sponsored budget which is expected to reach up to €300.000, funding opportunities are now open for Greek companies. The program covers all sectors of the economy: manufacturing, tourism, trade and services, and franchises.

Companies wishing to join the program must have had at least 2 annual turnovers, and for the first time, companies with mixed activities may submit proposals for more than one topic. The opening date for proposals is September 1st 2009 and the deadline for submissions is Friday, December 18, 2009. Costs accounted for within the proposal submission are considered eligible from the date the call was launched, i.e. May 25, 2009. In order to participate in the program, applicants must be able to cover a minimum of 20% of their forecasted expenditure (this applies to all topics), and for the first time, there is an opportunity to obtain funds in advance, which accounts for 40% of public expenditure.