New Innovative Entrepreneurship

The program intends to strengthen business start-ups by individuals who seek to transform a creative / innovative idea into business innovation. The second target of the program is the strengthening of very small and small new enterprises (which are closed from one to five full fiscal years), which seek to commercialize innovative, imaginative and original ideas, in the form of marketing new products or services, or the expansion / diversification of products / services, or the improvement of the production process or service provision process. The submission of investment plans for the first period of submission starts at 1/8/2011 and ends at 30/9/2011.

Digi Mobile

The program intends to increase the use of innovative applications for mobile services and tablet-pc for existing enterprises. The total budget of Public Funding comes up to 15 million euro. The maximum height of proposals (public funding and private participation) will correspond to one of the two alternative budgets, either 2.500 € or 5.000 €. The overall funding rate of each investment plan will not exceed 70% of the total budget and in no case it will exceed 3.500 €. The finalization and announcement of the program is expected.

Cooperation 2011

The program supports cooperation between enterprises and country’s research organizations, through joint implementation of research and technological projects that promote green development, competitiveness and extroversion of greek enterprises. The total Public Funding of the program comes up to 68,32 million €. The rate of funding is defined separately for each beneficiary and type of activity. The submission of proposals ends at 11/7/2011

Modernization of land freight road transport

The program intends to modernize the operation of land freight road transport companies, aiming at achieving quality work at low transport costs, protecting the environment by reducing emissions and fuel consumption, as well as road safety. The program may involve existing and new enterprises with eligible code (49.4 Freight road transport and relocation services). The announcement of the program by the Interim Management Agency is expected until late July.

Alternative Tourism

The “Alternative Tourism” program involves the implementation of investments in the tourist sector by enterprises operating or intending to operate in the development of alternative forms of tourism within Greece. The total budget of the program that comes from Public Funding is 20.000.000,00 €. The subsidized budget of each investment proposal may range between 15.000 € and 400.000 €. The level of Public Funding is defined in 40% of the total budget of the program. The finalization and announcement of the program is expected.

Digital Value

The program intends to strengthen business technology innovation, with a view to developing new Value Added Services. The budget of investment plans may range between 300.000 € and 3.000.000 € for medium, small and very small enterprises and between 1.000.000 € and 5.000.000 € for large enterprises. The funding rate of each investment plan depends on the size of the enterprise and the region in which each investment is implemented. The total budget of Public Funding comes up to 50 million €. The finalization and announcement of the program is expected.


The electronic submission of investment proposals for “EXTROVERSION” program ended at Monday, the 14th of June, at 24.00 (after a few-hours extension). The submission of the physical files will be completed within 7 working days of electronic submission. A total number of 828 investment proposals of a total Budget of 127.625.749,70 € were submitted. The total Public Funding of the submitted investment proposals is 58.132.609.41 €.

Digi retail

The electronic submission of investment plans for “Digi retail” program ended at 21/3/2011, with high participation of enterprises from all over Greece.

The program relates to existing retail companies. Through electronic process, 4.450 investment plans of a total budget of 195,88 million € were totally submitted by all-sized enterprises. The average budget of the investment plans came up to 44.019 €. The total public funding of the submitted investment plans is 114,56 million €.

Digi content

The electronic submission of investment plans for “Digi content” program ended at 28/1/2011.

The program is addressed to the commercial and creative content industry for the creation and electronic distribution of digitized goods and services. The program intends to provide the assisted enterprises with: 1. the conditions for technological modernization, content digitιzation and electronic disposal of equipment from multiple channels, 2. the conditions to create digital broadband services and the opportunity to improve their competitive status regarding the content and the providing services.

Structural adjustment program for over 50 people (OAED)

The “Enhancing Adaptability of Human Resources and Enterprises” program of the “Human Resources Development 2007-2013” Operational Program is amended. The overall maximum public funding will come up to 110.000.000 € and the number of employees that will benefit directly is estimated at 25.000 €. The results are expected until late July.