A program
with significant benefits
but also traps …

The new “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings II” Program starts on 8/3/2018. Those owners planning to renovate their home will have the opportunity to multiply. It is enough to be properly informed, both about the benefits and potential of the Program, as well as about the procedures, obligations and commitments they undertake.

What is the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings II” Program?
It is a NSRF Program that offers financial incentives to homeowners to carry out specific works that will contribute to the energy upgrading of their property.

What conditions do I have to qualify for participation?
Any individual may participate in the Program, provided they have ownership (complete or fine) or usufruct to an eligible home. To qualify for a grant, one’s personal income must not exceed € 40,000 and a family allowance of € 50,000. In these cases, only the interest subsidy incentive is provided.

What criteria must my home meet to be eligible?
Eligible properties are single-dwelling or single-dwelling apartments that are used as dwellings, have building permits or legalization documents, have not been judged to be demolished and ranked in a category less than or equal to D, based on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Can I submit proposal for more than one property of my own?

Every person has the right to submit a single application. Submission of multiple property requests by the same person is allowed only in the case of apartment buildings.

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