On the 26th July 2009, the ELOT Model 1435:2009 was approved. All Comminications/ Advertising firms, wishing to offer services to Public Sector authorities, must be certified according to this model.

The new model focuses on guaranteeing the Administrative Sufficiency of the firms and the quality assurance concerning the projection of the Public and the wider public sector, through printed and electronic media.

The new Model already constitutes basic requirement for candidate contractors of the Public and the wider public sector, while it is expected to constitute requirement for big private projects, also.

The certification concerns all companies related to:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Media Specialists
  • Public Relations
  • One to One Marketing
  • Branding and Design

MENTORING S.A., with multiannual experience in the development and implementation of Quality Assurance Systems, for both the Private and the Public sector, guarantees the successful Certification of your enterprise according to the ELOT Model 1435:2009 and the cover of requirements placed in the competitions.

Besides, it provides exploitation services of funding possibilities, via NSRF programs that cover the certification cost, as well as the cost for the supply of relative specialised equipment and supporting software.