Thessaloniki Museum of Photography is a specialized museum of the means of photography, unique in Greece, under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. It functions, simultaneously, as a museum, Center and organizer agency of the Festival. Through its action, disclosures to the perspectives over : a) art, since the aesthetics of the mean does not deviate from that of fine arts, b) technology, through the use of digital applications, c) humanitarian studies, since photography presents the world and its social actions. Its aim is to approaching the different uses and applications of photography (documentary, presumption, artwork, photojournalism, industrial photography, advertising, etc.).

“The collaboration of the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography with Mentoring S.A, in the context of Photo Biennale since 2010, deserves mentioning. Mentoring, apart from its professionalism and efficiency has demonstrated, managed several times to exceed difficulties, that were outside the expected framework, insisting always on the ultimate objective. Furthermore, Mentoring contributed to the improvement of coordination and organization of the Museum, offering ‘know how’ and experience. This is not common, as the cultural sector is a specialized one and it is necessary, that a company has got the ability to understand particular circumstances and terms. In a unstable environment, like that we experience today, companies like Mentoring can act as reliable partners, points of reference and stability, highlighting the success over handling of the process.”

Vangelis Ioakeimidis

Director of Thessaloniki Museum of Photography