It provides services:

In the frame of PAVET 2005 and in collaboration with METIS NET LTD and the UNIVERSITY of AEGEAN, MENTORING S.A. developed a brilliant system (intelligent system) which evaluates in real time new investment occasions with the use of a generalised model of decision-making. This model combines theories and tools from the scientific fields of AI and administration of enterprises. It provides services:

To the businessmen:

  • Evaluation of investment plan
  • Pointing out the strong and weak points
  • Comparison with other enterprising plans
  • Indication of a financing source depending on the required capital

To the investors (private individuals investors and companies of benefit of enterprising capital):

  • Analytic evaluation of the investment plan that they have in their possession
  • Assessment in present value (NPV)
  • Comparative analysis of market/branch and geographic region
  • Comparative analysis of competition/branch and geographic region
  • SWOT Table(with data from other enterprising plans, too)
  • Moreover, risk calculation the of investment will be provided