Development of Quality Management Systems

MENTORING S.A. is one of the top-ranking in Greece for the installation of Quality Management Systems (QMS) for the implementation of co-financed operations in accordance to the requirements of of the NSRF. The MIS develops and implements the company meet both the requirements of Standard ELOT 1429: 2008, and the State for the final beneficiaries of the NSRF.

MENTORING S.A. has completed numerous related projects, which have been successfully certified by independent bodies, local authorities, and organizations of the Public Sector, such as “Holy Archdiocese of Athens”, “Aegean Decentralized Administration”, “Agency for Culture, Sport and Youth of Athens , the National Gallery – Alexandros Soutsos Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art – Foundation Basil & Elise Goulandris, the House of Letters and Arts Foundation Alexander S. Onassis and others institutions and organizations of local government.

Re-design procedures Services

In the framework of the Operational Program “Information Society” of the 3rd CSF, MENTORING S.A. has undertaken a project that was intended to change management and reengineering processes applied because of ICTs on behalf of “Holy Archdiocese of Athens”. The project was selected and presented as an international ‘good practice’ at the 3rd International Conference MeTTeG09 in Spain and also was published in «Journal of Universal Computer Science».