Online Citizen Services

In the framework of the Operational Program “Information Society” of the 3rd CSF, MENTORING S.A. has realized projects which contribute to the upgrading of citizen services and the improvement of the quality of services provided through the utilization of ICT. The key object of the study projects realized by the company was the adaptation, development, and realization of portals through which the certificates, supporting documents, and administrative documents would be issued.

MENTORING S.A has undertaken a series of comparable studies aiming at recording the present situation concerning the needs and requirements of the project, as well as system analysis and design studies for public institutions, such as: Prefectures of Ileia, Lakonia, Preveza, and Evros and the Municipalities of Volos, Dafni, Eleusina, Petroupoli and Paxous.


Development of Technological Infrastructures

In the framework of the Operational Program “Information Society” of the 3rd CSF, MENTORING S.A. has realized projects under the category of the realization of the Action “Advanced telecommunication services for the citizen”. The aim of this action is to introduce new telecommunication technologies in the everyday life of the citizen, simultaneously creating wide range advanced telecommunication services in regions of Greece, which have recognized needs, concerning the operation and linking of public administration bodies. The projects, to which the company provided technical consulting services, aimed at the Development of local access Broadband Networks.

The company has undertaken and realized the drafting of a thorough implementation study as well as a substantiation study of infrastructures for public bodies such as: Local Union of Communities & Municipalities of Korinthia, Local Union of Communities & Municipalities of Magnisia, Μunicipalities of Nemea and Petaloudon.


Restoration of Cultural Heritage Monuments

In the framework of the Regional Operational Programs 2000-2006, MENTORING S.A. provided Technical Consulting services in restoration projects and monument elevation. More specifically, in the framework of the Peloponnesian Regional Operational Program 2000-2006, it undertook the provision of technical consulting services for the management and the supervision of the project “Restoration of the Agion Tesserakonda Monastery in Sparta”, for the Holy Diocese of Monemvasia and Sparta and the project “Restoration of the Holy Archangels Monastery Aigiou Archangels” and “Functional Arrangement, Restoration and Enhancement Group Monastery Great Cave” for the Metropolis of Kalavryta and Aegialia, within the ROP Western Greece 2000-2006.

The project concerns the restoration of the structural integrity of the Monasteries, the renovation and restoration of the interior and landscaping. More specifically, it provided support services to the Technical Services of the Contracting Authority during the invitation, assessment, supervision, progress control, quality assurance and specialized scientific personnel employment process for the materialization of the project.


Cultural and Tourism Activities

MENTORING S.A. in the framework of the 3rd Community Support Framework, contributed to the realization of projects under the category of realization of the Action “Regional Geographic Information Systems” of the Operational Program “Information Society”, concerning Activities for the Development of Pilot and Innovative Applications.

The aim of the program was to develop a complete Cultural – Tourist Information System through the creation of tourist information booths, thus promoting the diffusion of the cultural and intellectual heritage of the region and reducing the digital divide.

The company has undertaken the requirement analysis study and the technical and operational specifications study of the project “Realization of GIS for the cultural and tourist development” of the Aianis Municipality in the Prefecture of Kozani.


Education and lifelong learning actions

MENTORING S.A in the framework of NSRF 2007-2013 participated in carrying out of the project “The Greek thought in dialogue: experiential learning programs” which implemented the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the Onassis Cultural Centre of the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation – U.N.P.C. (Urban Non Profitable Company) The aim of the project, which has budgeted at 1.1 million Euro, was to providing training programs and lifelong learning for people of all ages groups, through a wide range of experiential activities implemented during the three years 2012-2014. MΕNTORING S.A had engaged in organizing support services, teacher preparation programs and contents, implementation of Experiential Learning Programs etc.


Welfare & Social Solidarity Actions 

MENTORING S.A in the framework of NSRF 2007-2013 has undertaken projects of technical consultancy and provision of study services to agencies that have implemented programs in order to support vulnerable social groups, such as preventative medicine programs of “Open Arms” prevention programs of Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (HCDCP), establishment and operation of Homes Supported Living from the Urban Non Profitable Company “Metavasis” and “Hellenic Union Parents and Guardians of People Children – Mentally retarded” promotional actions to the labor market from vulnerable social groups, through the Development Partnerships (DPs) and “Prosvasis” and “Solidarity” etc.


 Cross-border Cooperation Programs

During the 3rd Programming Period, MENTORING S.A. realized Transborder Programs utilizing the Community Initiative INTERREG III Α capacities. More specifically, in the framework of the INTERREG III Α Greece – Cyprus Program, the company realized the project “Creation of a thematic documentation unit in order to record and demonstrate the cultural heritage of popular – traditional music in Cyprus and Crete under the title ‘Musical Trips” (Μουσικές Διαδρομές) in the framework of the project “Arc of the Popular Traditional Cypriot and Cretan Music”, for the Axarnon Municipality in Crete in collaboration with the Voroklinis Municipality in Cyprus.