Mentoring S.A., following a tendering procedure, undertook the Sub-project “Provision of Organizing and Support Services for the Operation of Photobiennale 2010” in the framework of the Project “Organization of Photobiennale by the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography”. Mentoring’s expertise and required know-how in organizing and management projects were the cornerstones for the successful implementation of the Sub-project, which is included in the Regional Operational Program of Central Macedonia.

The implementation of the Sub-project included a series of events and business lunches, lectures, projections and workshops with the participation of international outreach artists, while a series of events in various themes took place. The increased demands in organizing and support issues were fully covered by Mentoring S.A., while a series of additional works (translation, legal and technical support and production of presentation mechanisms) were implemented, covering comprehensive needs of Photobiennale’s organization.

The experienced co-operators of Mentoring followed the methodology required for the implementation of similar projects, so that the project was completed on schedule, with the required quality, contributing in the conduction of a part of the successful, multi festival of Photobiennale 2010.