MENTORING S.A. is elaborating a series of alternative combinations for the financing of new or existing businesses.

Having MENTORING S.A. as a collaborator, the business:

  • Selects the optimal financing tools, depending on its needs and requirements
  • Expedites the realization of its investment schemes
  • Acquires access to new financing mechanisms


European Programs offer businesses from all market sectors important subsidizing opportunities through which they attain objectives such as, completion of investment schemes, modernization of operations, and increase in competitiveness.

MENTORING S.A. shares the same objectives as its clients and supports the notion that the subsidy is not an objective in itself, but a valuable tool which contributes to the company’s development and supports healthy entrepreneurship. For this reason, MENTORING S.A.:

  • Offers complete business services to utilize carefully selected European Programs in response to each client’s needs
  • Offers accurate and honest information concerning the advantages a company can exploit as well as the obligations the company will have to undertake
  • Composes the investment plan in close collaboration with the company to ensure its realization and profitability
  • Systematically supervises and informs through ongoing reports to the business professional, and/ or supervises the administrative activities for the progress of the investment’s realization
  •  Supports the company in all program management procedures until the subsidy is received


Indicative Projects