On September 8th, 2009 a Joint Ministerial Decision was published, approving the application of the Greek model ELOT 1429:2008, the guidelines and its technical specification ELOT 1432. The model refers to the managerial capability for EU-financed projects.

The approval signals the termination of the transition period. Henceforth, all institutions that intend to run EU-funded projects must have received their certification until the 30th September 2010. Moreover, they must follow the certified managerial capability system, monitor it and re-certify it, as needed.

MENTORING S.A., having certified 37 institutions of the Public and wider Public Sector, in 11 different Authorities during the transition period, has already consummated the essential tasks, so that it can successfully support institutions at the process of certification according to the Greek Model 1429:2008.