Under the program “Financing of Existing and New Manufacturing Businesses” (Cycle III Regional Operational Program Framework), MENTORING S.A. undertook projects to design organizational and managerial business plans for the following companies: TECNICA S.A. & CONCEPTUM S.A., GLOBAL SOFT S.A., METIS NET EPE, NET U HELLAS S.A., VIRTUAL TRIP LTD, GEORGANDAS – KOLOBOS OE, DRAKOS GEORGIOS, SELANA S.A.

Under the program “Financing of Existing and New Tourist Businesses” MENTORING S.A. has undertook projects to design business plans for GNOMON PERFORMANCE S.A., LETO TRAVEL SERVICES LTD, GALAXIAS HOTEL, OM HELLAS LTD.

A total of 20 business schemes have been submitted by MENTORING S.A.